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David Plouffe (pronounced "Pluff") was the manager of Barack Obama's successful, groundbreaking 2008 campaign for president of the United States. Plouffe was a former staffer for former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt, and in 2008 was a partner of David Axelrod in the Chicago-based campaign strategy firm of AKP&D Message & Media who is credited with having coordinated various facets of Obama's campaign, including advertising, strategic decisions, a ground-breaking get-out-the-vote effort and a record ability to raise funds.[1]


Before he joined AKP&D, Plouffe was executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (1999-2000). While in that position he helped raise a record $95 million for House races across the country. Plouffe served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Richard ("Dick") Gephardt from 1997-1998; as Campaign Manager for Bob Torricelli’s run for U.S. Senate in 1996); as Campaign Director at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in 1995; as Campaign Manager for Charlie Oberly’s run for U.S. Senate in 1994; as Campaign Manager for John Olver’s re-election bid to the House of Representatives in 1992; as State Field Director for Senator Tom Harkin’s Presidential campaign in 1992; and as Deputy Field Director in Harkin’s 1990 run for the U.S. Senate.[2]

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