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"Deepti Tewari has been for more than two decades a resident member of Auroville*, a unique experiment which seeks to find solutions to the problems that have vexed humanity in its awakened thought since first it dreamed of a perfect society and aspired for an inner and outer perfection. Auroville wants to be a universal township that harmonizes spirit and matter. Deepti has been involved in many diverse activities in this emerging collectivity, but her particular interests lie in two fundamental areas of Auroville’s research: education as also the evolution of new forms of organization and governance.

"Deepti is the editor of the Matrimandir Journal, a regular publication that attempts to explore and analyze the psychological and spiritual meaning, significance and processes of Auroville through its central symbols. She is also part of a research team which is creating educational material that wants to answer to humanity’s deeper need for universal values. The activity that makes certain she does not remain only in domains of ideation is the continuing classes with students of high school and college age. Language, literature, poetry, history and philosophical thought are the subject areas she has worked on through many years of interaction with youth. She has represented Auroville at conferences and workshops both in India and abroad.

"Auroville is an experiment based upon the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and founded by The Mother in February 1968. Auroville is being built upon the premise that it is not possible to change the conditions humanity lives upon earth without first achieving a change of consciousness in the heart and mind of the race. To generate these necessary inner conditions and to attempt to turn them into a power of action that gives birth to a spiritualized human collectivity has been the guiding force of life, work and action in Auroville. People from over 40 countries of the world and the states of India have come to live and work in this ‘living’ laboratory that embraces, as part of its research, study and experimentation, all human endeavour, seeking and discovery – from the inmost domains to the outer; from the material to the spiritual."[1]


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