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Des Moore is the Director (and sole employee) of the Institute for Private Enterprise (IPE) - a right-wing think tank based in Melbourne, Australia.


After studying at the University of Melbourne and the London School of Economics, Moore worked in the Commonwealth Treasury for 28 years, including three years as Deputy Secretary. Following this, he worked for nine years for right-wing think tank the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA). [1] At the IPA, he was one of the principal authors of Project Victoria – a business campaign for deregulation and privatisation of Victoria's economy, most of which was carried out by the Kennett Government between 1992 and 1999.

In February 1996 Moore left the IPA to start his own think tank, the IPE.

Moore is a founding member and current Treasurer of the Bennelong Society, and is also a member of the governing council of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Working for the Liberals

In 1999 Moore released a report that claimed that New South Wales taxpayers paid 17% more tax than their Victorian counterparts. At a media conference, the then NSW Treasurer, Michael Egan, produced copies of messages left with his office, which included Moore's phone contact. At a media conference Egan dialled the number which was that of the Liberal Party headquarters. The Liberal Party admitted that Moore had undertaken a project for them. [2]

Moore on Global Warming

In a letter to the editor of the Australian Financial Review in March 2007, Moore claimed that "the growing number of scientific and other questioners, confirms that there is no scientific consensus on the warming danger ... there is serious concern that governments may respond to the alarmist believers by taking action that would have major adverse effects on the competitiveness of Australian industry."

"A much more thorough examination is needed of the scientific and other bases of the alleged warming danger," he concluded.[3]

Contact Information

Phone: 03 9867 1235
Email: ipe AT ozemail.com.au
Web: http://www.ipe.net.au



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