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The Dialogue International Policy Institute, "established in August 2005, is a non-profit research and educational organisation focusing on global issues. With a mission to explore and advance public policy alternatives, The Dialogue International is committed to independent research, pioneering policy solutions and facilitate decision-making." [1]

Advisory Board (retrieved March 2007)

  • Robin Raphel - Former Assistant Secretary of State & Coordinator for Iraq Reconstruction program
  • Lincoln. P. Bloomfield, Jr. - Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, President Palmer Coats, Virginia
  • Geoffrey Kemp - Director of Regional Strategic Programs at the Nixon Center
  • Judith Kipper - Director, Middle East Forum, Council on Foreign Relations
  • Charles A. Kupchan - Senior Fellow and Director for Europe Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
  • Patrick Cronin - Director of Studies, International Institute for Strategic Studies
  • Kaun Wook Paik - Associate Fellow, Energy and Environment Program Chatham House
  • Martha Bill Olcott - Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Washington
  • Ziad J. Asali - President, American Task Force for Palestine
  • Bruce G. Blair - President, World Security Institute
  • Joshua Muravchik - Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
  • Konstantin Simonov - General Director, Center for Current Politics In Russia
  • Robert Cutler - Specialist in International Relations and World Affairs, Central Asia – Russia – Caucasus – Eastern Europe
  • Richard Terasofosky - Head of Energy, Environment and Development Program Chatham House
  • Gerrit Gong - Senior Associate, Asia Program, CSIS
  • Walter Andersen - Associate Director of South Asia Studies, Professor of South Asian Studies, SAIS, John Hopkins University
  • Khalid Almaena - Editor-in-Chief Arab News
  • Dennis Kux - Senior Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center
  • Malcolm Grimston - Associate Fellow, Nuclear policy, Chatham House
  • Mark Allworthy - Dialogue Administrator and Research Analyst, Office of the Director, IISS
  • Mushahid Hussain - Federal Cabinet member and Information Minister, Pakistan


Advisory Board (retreived Feb 2007)



Web: http://www.thedialogueintl.com