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"Divine Chocolate Limited is a private company limited by shares. When the company was first established in 1998, its 99 ordinary shares were owned by three parties; 52% by the Fairtrade NGO Twin Trading, 33% by Kuapa Kokoo farmers’ co-operative, and 14% by the international retailer Body Shop International.

"In July 2006, in the true spirit of social entrepreneurship, Body Shop made the decision to donate its shares in Divine Chocolate to Kuapa Kokoo. In the same year international development finance institute Oikocredit bought 12% of the shares, giving Kuapa Kokoo a 45% stake in the company. In addition the international NGO Christian Aid own preference shares and the leading UK charity Comic Relief enthusiastically support the company and are also partners in the Dubble Fairtrade bar created specially for young people.

"The board of directors includes two people from Kuapa Kokoo (the Managing Director of Kuapa Kokoo Ltd, and the President of the Kuapa Kokoo FarmersnUnion), two people from Twin and one person from Oikocredit, Christian Aid and Comic Relief." [1]


Accessed April 2014: [2]


Web: http://www.divinechocolate.com

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  • Divine Chocolate, the leading Fairtrade company co-owned by cocoa farmers, has appointed Jamie Hartzell as Chair of the company Board taking effect from January 2014.
  • Sandy Balfour -former chair


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