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Eugenia "Juna" Yuvashevna Davitashvili (Georgian: ევგენია ჯუნა დავითაშვილი; 22 July 1949 – 8 June 2015), age 65, was a Russian faith healer of Assyrian descent who claimed the power to cure cancer, knit broken bodies, and prolong life beyond 100 years. In 1983 and 1984, physicist and psi researcher, Russell Targ, his daughter Elisabeth Targ, and Keith Harary visited the Soviet Union as guests of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. In Moscow they were able to discuss remote viewing research with Russian scientists, visit psychics, including Davitashvili, and allegedly even carry out with her some remote viewing experiments between Moscow and San Francisco. wiki

"A fierce Russian patriot to the end, Davitashvili said in one of her last interviews that “If tomorrow Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] tells me ‘die for your Motherland’, I will die.”" [1]

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