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"The Dolphin Embassy is an international non-governmental mission with the main goal to promulgate an integral worldview and create a cultural space for the preservation and sustainable harmonious development of life on Earth... The Embassy calls for the recognition of dolphins and whales as non-human persons, along with equating crimes against them with crimes against humanity; for closure of all aquariums and other forms of captivity, as well as unconditional ban on hunting and capturing cetaceans." [1]

Ambassadors include: Steven Weinberg, Amit Goswami, Sylvia Earl, Eduard Sagalaev, Ashok Khosla, Jean Houston, Andrey Maximov, Stanislav Grof , Paul Watson [1]

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  • Embassy project is the "The 30th Parallel - Archaeology of Possibilities project is the first ever attempt to integrate all three existent ways of learning about the world: science, mysticism and art." [3]


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