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Donna P. Hall, President and CEO of Womens Donors Network.

"Donna P. Hall, MPH, MBA, has devoted over 20 years to social justice through such national organizations as The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation. Hall is a passionate voice for women and a leading resource on women and progressive philanthropy.

"In her 6 years with WDN, Hall has more than doubled the membership and, working closely with the members, has grown the organization to be one of the most creative and dynamic forums for women’s philanthropy, and a force in the progressive movement. Hall has ambitiously crafted a new model for activist philanthropy.

"Donna Hall speaks nationally and internationally on numerous topics including women and philanthropy reproductive justice, women’s rights in the work place, civil society, and international development. She is a frequent source for the media and was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, and The San Jose Mercury News.

"Hall's dedication to economic justice, reproductive rights, education, women's rights in the workplace, international development, and progressive philanthropy has allowed her career to crisscross the public and private sectors.

"Donna Hall joined WDN in 2002 for the opportunity to "further strengthen and empower the progressive movement for change through my work with individual members, as well as through representation of the collective body that is WDN."" [1]

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