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Dr Doug Stokes "joined the department in 2006. During his 2004 ESRC post-doctoral fellowship he authored his first book America's Other War: Terrorizing Colombia. The book received international commendations and included a foreword by Professor Noam Chomsky. His second book is an edited volume with Professor Michael Cox entitled US Foreign Policy (Oxford University Press) and is the most comprehensive introduction to US foreign policy available with chapters from some of the world's leading scholars. Dr Stokes is currently working on a third book provisionally entitled Imperial Logics: Global Energy Security and US Intervention. The book is contracted with the Johns Hopkins University Press and is due out in 2009. The book examines the human rights implications of the increased use of US counter-insurgency warfare to stabilise oil-rich non-Middle Eastern states in Africa, South America and Central Asia and the increased rivalry for diminishing energy supplies amongst the industrialised nations. As part of this ongoing research project, Dr Stokes has been awarded £69,000 by the British Academy for research assistance. Dr Stokes has published in some of the world’s leading International Relations journals including the Review of International Studies and served on the British International Studies Association executive committee between 2003-2005. Dr Stokes is the Department’s Director of Learning and Teaching." [1]

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