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The EOP Group, was run by Michael O'Bannon and his associates from the Reagan White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). It was closely associated with Federal Focus and Multinational Business Services, which were run by Jim Tozzi who was also an ex-head of the OIRA, and Thorne Auchter (ex-head of the OSHA). This group were, for a time, Philip Morris's primary lobbyist in Washington on the issue of secondhand cigarette smoke (ETS).

Steven J Milloy was listed as a lobbyist with the EOP Group, and he later worked closely with Jim Tozzi and Thorne Auchter. In turn, they worked closely with APCO Associates, who set up The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition (TASSC) to act as the media arbitrator of what was "sound science" and what was "junk-science".

Documents & Dates

1996 June 7 Steve Milloy of TASSC is now e-mailing copy to RJ Reynolds, but still using his his CAIS office E-mail (milloy@cias.com). The Email carries a junk-science address under the heading

From: owner-junksci@www.standup.westlake.com
To: junksci-outgoing@www.standup.westlake.com

This is a 9 page document addressed initially to Chris Coggins at RJ Reynolds -- it consisted of the index for the Junk Science web page for the week of June 6 1996.

He is focussing on President Bill Clinton's problems with Paula Jones and linking the scandals to Agent Orange. This is basically expanded headlines plus a smart Milloy comment tacked on, although some items on hazardous waste claims are expanded into short articles.

He also praises Marcia Angell at the New England Journal of Medicine who has published a special article...

... railing about the travesty of the breast implant controversy, including the associated junk science . Of course, I applaud Dr. Angell for taking notice of junk science -- in fact she links junk science with other issues including asbestos, diethylstilbestrol (DES), Benedictin, the Dalkon shield, Agent Orange, Alar-treated apples, radon and electromagnetic fields.

Much later this email was forwarded to Robert Meyne (RJR PR) and also Peggy Carter (Media Relations). [2]

NOTE: Milloy's original email still carries the EOP Group fax number ... so the EOP Group, APCO, and Philip Morris are all behind the Milloy-junk-science scam. He also seems to need RJR approval for his activities.