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ePublic Relations Ltd is a Guelph, Ontario, Canada-based PR company. According to the firm's website, it "...was created to explore and encourage discussion on how the information revolution, including the internet, and other factors in society have changed public relations. The term ePublic Relations™ is used to describe this development." [1]

The site tells us little else about the company or its clients, but the firm seems to be pitching its services to the biotechnology industry to combat activists -- mostly by telling the industry what it is doing wrong:

"With only days left before the March 2 vote, what was the industry to do? In typical corporate fashion, the answer was simple: throw more money at it. So, in the final days of the campaign, the biotech industry spent another $150,000, on top of $350,000 previously committed, to influence Mendocino County's 47,000 registered voters. That works out to $20 for each eligible voter who actually cast a ballot for or against the Measure or $45 for each voter who supported the biotech industry's position.
"The activists spent $100,000. That's approximately $4 for each person who voted or $7 for each person who supported the activist position.
"The result? The biotech industry lost; the activists won.
"In a news report carried around the world hours after the vote was tallied, a leader of the anti-biotech forces said: 'They had the money, we had the people.' This simple statement is the key to the activist's victory." [2]


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