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This group of the tobacco industry's ETS (medical/health) and IAQ (air-testing) consultants are on the Participants list at the Philip Morris International's McGill University ETS Symposium proceedings booklet. Since this was a closed conference and all on this list had considerable background in serving the tobacco institute, it is safe to assume that they all were very aware of the systematic corruption that the industry was capable of.

Documents & Timeline

1988 Feb 17: Phillip Morris called a special meeting of the UK industry to explain their proposed activities to the whole industry (with BAT, Rothmans, Imperial Gallaher, C&B and Bioassay Ltd.) They are creating Whitecoats groups or ETS Consultants in many parts of the world. [2]

Dr Pamela Allen
RCC Research and Consulting Co. AG, Basel, SwitzerlandShe was a Senior Reproduction Toxicologist who worked with Smith Kline & French and Beecham in the UK (See George Leslie and Alan Poole below). She was a member of ARIA and IAI (WhiteCoats) organisations, so she had a commercial interests in tobacco.
Dr Peter Atteslander
Professor of Epidemology
University of Augsburg, West GermanyHe was a Risk Assessment consultant to Philip Morris, and the tobacco law firm Covington & Burling. He worked with the Swiss FTR organisers.
Dr Alan K Armitage
Consulting Toxicologist
Yorkshire, EnglandHe was a member of both ARIA and EGIL Whitecoats organisations. In 1984 he was Director of Toxicology at Hazleton Laboratories Europe.
Dr John Bacon-Shone
Professor of Statistics
University of Hong KongHe was a long-term consultant in Asia for the tobacco industry. He joined the ARTIST Whitecoats organisation.
Dr Graham R Betton
Professor of Vet. Pathology
Department of Pathology, Royal Veterinary College, University of LondonAnother member of the ARIA WhiteCoats organisation. Associated with Smith Kline & French (See George Leslie, Pam Allen and Alan Poole)
Dr Robert C Brown
Medical Research Council, Toxicology Unit, Surrey, EnglandA respiratory toxicologist and biochemist. He became a WhiteCoat member of ARIA.
Dr William J Butler
Failure Analysis Associates, Palo Alto, CaliforniaHe mixed with the ARIA group and did work for RJ Reynolds Tobacco.
Dr Robert C Brown
Medical Research Council, Toxicology Unit, Surrey, EnglandA respiratory toxicologist and biochemist. He became a WhiteCoat member of ARIA.
Dr William J Butler
Failure Analysis Associates, Palo Alto, CaliforniaHe mixed with the ARIA group and did work for RJ Reynolds Tobacco.
Dr Guy Crepat
Professor of Biological Science,
Institut Universitaire de Technologie, Burgandy, Dijon, FranceJoined the WhiteCoats ARIA group along with a half-dozen other French medical academics. Lawyers Covington & Burling paid him $13,732 in 1992 [3].
Dr Guy Crepat
Professor of Biological Science,
Institut Universitaire de Technologie, Burgandy, Dijon, FranceJoined the WhiteCoats ARIA group along with a half-dozen other French medical academics. Lawyers Covington & Burling paid him $13,732 in 1992 [4].
Dr Hector Croxatto
Chilean Academy of Sciences, Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago, ChileLatin American Consultant. [5]
Dr John Dilley
Consultant Occupational Physician
Chilvester Hill House, Wiltshire, EnglandBecame the front 'secretary' for IAI. Close to Perry, Lunau and George Leslie. ARIA and IAI member.
Dr Alan K Done
Pediatrician/Consultant on Risk Assessments
Pediatrics and Clinical Toxicology, Salt Lake City, UtahAlso promoted by Philip Morris.
Dr Delbert J Eatough
Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, Brigham Young University, Provo, UtahHis brother/partner was a friend of Geoff Bible (CEO of Philip Morris) He was given a job on the CIAR Board. Numerous research grants from tobacco.
Dr Donald J Ecobichon
Professor Pharmacology
Dept of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, McGill University, Montreal, QuebecHe provided the media front to the conference. The claim that he was a principle organiser is false (the venue only). He was a consultant to PM.
Dr Lorenzo Figallo Espinal
Professor of Medicine
Central University of Venezuela, Caracas, VenezuelaGiven a job on the Board of the CIAR. Organiser with Osvaldo Fustinoni of Dec 1988 Argentina IAQ conference, supposedly sponsored by the National Academy of Science of Buenos Aires (financed by PM and BAT)
Susan Eyre M.Sc
Air Conditioning Consultant
Goodfellow Consultants, Inc., Mississauga, OntarioGoodfellow Consultants were affiliated with Gray Robertson's Healthy Buildings International.
Dr Andre Fave
Veterinaire, Paris, FranceHe was the scientific co-ordinator for the tobacco industry in France. Member of ARIA, EGIL and IAI. He claimed to be a toxicologist. Had USA links also.
Dr George Feuer
Professor of Biochemistry
Dept. of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Toronto, Toronto, OntarioCanadian consultant on ETS. Witness at tobacco hearings. Co-authored with Phillip Witorsch
Dr Edward Field
Foxhole, Oxshott, Surrey, EnglandLung cancer consultant/witness to PM and Covington & Burling.
Dr W. Gary Flamm
IAQ/Toxicology Consultant
Science Regulatory Services International (SRSI), Washington, DCOne of he worst of the IAQ/ETS tobacco consultants. He was the Associate Director for Toxicological Sciences Bureau of Foods, FDA during the no-regulation Reagan Administration. High in the Toxicology Forum.
Dr Joseph L Fleiss
Professor and Chairman,
Division of Biostatistics, Columbia University, School of Public Health, New York, New YorkRisk Assessment consultant to both Philip Morris and Covington & Burling. Witness at Congressional hearings for tobacco.
Dr Roland Fritsch
Lecturer in English and Comms/Advertising.
lnstitut Universitaire de Technologie, Burgandy, Dijon, FranceThe lectureship was not listed in the preliminary agenda. It is probably incidental. He worked in both France and the USA for tobacco.
Dr Osvaldo Fustinoni
VP of National Academy of Science
Buenos Aires, ArgentinaHe appears to have had second thoughts and pulled out of the conference. Organiser with Lorenzo Figallo Espinal of Dec 1988 Argentina IAQ conference, supposedly sponsored by the National Academy of Science. (financed by PM and BAT)
Dr Austin JS Gardiner
Respiratory Consultant
He was a GP who had contact with a local hospital
Monklands District General Hospital, Airdrie, England.
He appears to be a general practitioner at Dunblaine, Perthshire, Scotland.
Dr Howard D Goodfellow
Adj. Professor of Engineering,
Applied Chem/Occ. Health and Ind. Hygiene, Uni. of Toronto
Goodfellow Consultants, lnc. (IAQ)
Goodfellow.s IAQ/ETS air testing company was later incorporated into Gray Robertson's business as HBI Canada
Dr Gio Batta Gori
(ex NIH Research Head)
The Health Policy Center, Bethesda, MarylandGori was fired as Research Director of the NCI's Tobacco Working Group. He then set up as a full-time tobacco consultant, and partnered with John Luik and a range of other shonky scientists. He worked with ENVIRONS and the Fraser and Franklin Institutes.
Dr John W Gorrod
Professor, BioPharmacy
King's College, Chelsea Campus, London ARIA member, Paid £5,500 by C&B Dec 23 1991. Edited proceedings from some pseudo-scientific conferences on the (non)addiction of nicotine. Funds often laundered through Leslie and ARIA.
Dr Stanley M Greenfield
Systems Applications Inc. (SAI), San Rafael, California Originally with ICF Kaiser Environment and Energy Group. Then US EPA Assistant Administrator for Research and Development; later witness in Californian EPA, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessments. He also had private company, Greenfield & Associates.
Dr Alan J Gross
Professor, Department of Biometry
Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, South CarolinaTASSC supporter/member. Participated in Feb 1990 Toxicology Forum ETS Symposium; presentation on tobacco for Institute of Mathematical Statistics in Uppsala, Sweden, Attacked the EPA's use of meta-analysis. Selected by APCO for International Involvement of TASSC Scientists - a potential list for the Euro-TASSC project and GEP. Paid by tobacco to join ASHRAE (air conditioning standards organisation)
Dr Lawrence C Holcomb ('Larry')
Consultant in Environmental Toxicology
Holcomb Environmental Services, Olivet, MichiganIAQ testing company. Airline Cabin air testing. Travelled the world doing fake air-testing and conducting media tours. He was highly paid. TI's "primary legislative witness." Employee Joe Pedelty also.
Dr Ronald D Hood
Professor, Biology Dept
Adj. Professor of Environmental Toxicology
The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama Respiratory consultant on childhood risk assessment. In 1994 he charged $3-500 for a written submission; and $5-10,000 for appearing at a hearing.
Dr Edward Lee Husting
Occ. and Environ. Epidemiologist
St. Petersburg, FloridaReproduction consultant. ex University of South Florida. On the CIAR Board of Directors. Large grant to find examples of poor risk-assessment programs used by regulators.
Jolanda Janczewski MPH
President, IAQ Consultant
Consolidated Safety Services, Inc., Oakton, VirginiaShe broke away from ENVIRONS and set up her own fake IAQ-testing company. Later contracted through RJ Reynolds Tobacco. Member of the Total Indoor Environment Quality (TIEQ) astroturf.
Roger Jenkins
Researcher/Consultant Analytical Chemist
Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TennesseeJenkins and his partner Michael R Guerin at ORNL worked extensively for the tobacco industry. Nicotine work.
Dr rving I Kessler
Dept of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MarylandSAB member at CIAR. Worked also for American Petroleum Institute.
Dr S. James Kilpatrick
Professor of Biostatistics
Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VirginiaMember of Georgtown Uni's IAPAG WhiteCoats organisation. Board member of the CIAR. Wanted $25,000 for a paper he would give at the Bieva conference. (Sept 1988). worked with Maurice Le Vois.
Dr Yoon Shin Kim
Assoc. Prof., Environmental Sciences
College of. Medicine, Hanyang University, Seoul, KoreaOn the Whitecoat's IAI editorial board. Recruited by John Rupp (C&B) in 1989 Asian ETS Consultants Project. Key expert in Korea on air pollution. Charged $700 per day. Helped set up a fake conference in Seoul.
Dr Fleming Kissmeyer-Nielsen
Professor of Clinical Immunology
University of Arhus, Arhus, DenmarkConsultant to PM. EGIL member in Denmark. Member of Hen-Ry Smoker's Rights lobby. TV spokesman.
Dr Maxwell W Layard
IAQ/ETS Consultant
Layard Associates, Mountain View, CaliforniaPM notes "He depends on the tobacco industry for most of his income." Witness. Worked with Maurice Le Vois. C&B paid him $20,000 for a quick paper on ETS and lung-cancer in Oct 1993. Paid by tobacco to join ASHRAE (air conditioning standards organisation)
Peter N Lee MA
Consultant in Biostatistics
, Sutton Surrey, EnglandOne of the most useful statistical operators they had. In demand everywhere to discount and contradict genuine research.
George B Leslie FRC Path.
Consultant in Pathology
Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, EnglandHe had been head of Toxicology for Smith Klein & French, and became the main WhiteCoats organiser in Europe for ARIA, AIA, and EGIL. Worked closely with Frank Landau and Roger Perry
Dr Maurice Le Vois
IAQ/ETS Consultant
Environmental Health Resources/Services and Risk Assessment and Epidemiology, San Francisco, CaliforniaHe partnered in many tobacco scams with George L Carlo (GEP) and Maxwell W Layard. Lifelong tobacco lobbyist. Paid by tobacco to join ASHRAE (air conditioning standards organisation).
Dr Leonard S Levy
Head, Industrial Toxicology Unit
Institute of Occupational Health, Uni. of Birmingham, Birmingham, England His girlfriend Anne Spurgeon was also a tobacco tout. Member of ARIA and IAI. George Leslie laundered some of his payments.
Dr Trent R Lewis
Consult. in Environ. and Occupational Toxicology
The Robert Taft Center, Cincinnati, Ohio Wrote some submissions, and gave evidence as a witness at hearings. Prepared early reports on standards of research organisations, and likelihood of collaboration. Worked for Research and New Products division, American Tobacco for a while 1965- [6] [7]
Dr Sarah Liao (aka Sarah Liao Sau-tung)
Key Asian WhiteCoat consultant in Occ.Health
EHS Consultants, Hong Kong
(A laundry services for payments to other Asian Whitecoats)
She was married to a prominent politician. She laundered payments for Linda Koo. Coordinated IAQ-testing studies by Yoon Shin Kim (in Korea) and Lina Somera (in Philippines).
Dr Giuseppe LoJacono
Professor of Hygiene
University of Perugia, Rome, ItalyAssociate member of ARIA. Worked with Dr Angelo Cerioli and Prof Luigi Manzo. He worked in 1989 through SCR Associati (PR Services) under Florence Catisglioni. Editor of the Italian scientific journal "Epidemiologia e Prevenzione."
Dr A. Ross Lorimer(aka Andrew R Lorimer)
Consultant Physician/Cardiologist
General Practitioner with vague links to …
Royal Infirmary, The Glasgow Nuffield Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland
ARIA member. Payments laundered by George Leslie for Athens conference (1992).
Dr Alonso Armijos Luna
Dean, Medical School
National Uni. of Loja Medical School, Loja, EcuadorHe was a Cardiologist and became involved only because they couldn't find someone with more presence in Ecuador.
Frank Lunau
IAQ/ETS Consultant
British Occupational Hygiene Society, London, EnglandLanau with George Leslie and Roger Perry ran most of the main scams in the UK. Their chief ones were EGIL (Scandinavia), ARIA (UK) and its subsidiary IAI (Europe). In Jan 1992 payments of $6,746 were made to him via FTR/C&B in Switzerland; total payments of $3,574,695 were made to 34 European consultant.
D. Torbjorn Malmfors
Stockholm, SwedenTor Malmfors was the key tobacco lobbyist in Sweden (and Scandiavia). He was the founder of EGIL and a member of both IAPAG and ARIA; he acted as a general organiser of fake conferences, etc. He had his own consultancy "Malmfors Consulting" and was an associate professor at the Karolinska Institute
Nathan Mantel
Professor of Mathematics
Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, The American Uni, Washington, DC Ex biostatistician with the NCI. Spoke at McGill (Nov '89); Brussels conference; ILSI 'Inhalation Toxicology' conference (Feb '89); Tokyo (Nov '89); Tobacco Institute paid him $18,000 (July 16 1981); $24,009 (16 Jan 1987).
Dr Luigi Manzo
Universita Degli Studi Di Pavia, Pavia, Italy
Dept of Internal Medicine, Med School.
One of the leaders of small group in Italy with Dr Angelo Cerioli, Prof Giuseppi LoJacono
Dr Aly Massoud
Prof. Dept. of Occupational Hygiene
University of Ain Sham, Abbassia, Cairo, EgyptHe worked with his brother Ahmed Massoud who was a prominent Cairo architect. They ran the East Mediterranean Environment Society (EMIES) which was one of the ARIA WhiteCoats organisations.[8]
Milton Meckler,P.E.
Air Conditioning consultant
Meckler Engineers Group, Encino, CaliforniaMeckler worked extensively for the tobacco industry and was willing to do, or say, anything they required.
Dr Rodrigo Quintero Molina
VP Latin Am. Fed. of Geriatrics and Gerontology, Caracas VenazuelaHe attended some CIAR Board meeting. He appears to have set up the Argentina IAQ conference for Philip Morris.
Dr Demetrios Moschandreas
Research Associate on IAQ
ITT Research lnstitute (IITRI), Chicaqo, lllinois.He was the research partner of David Sterling, the son of Theodor Sterling of Simon Fraser University and they jointly received a large CIAR grant for a vry dubious Sick Building Syndrome study in 1985.
Dr George S Neurath
Chemist and Pharmacologist
Microanalytical Laboratory, Hexentweiete, Hamburg, West Germany George Neurath once ran the Reemtsma (tobacco) labs in Hamburg which employed 70 people, and had amass spectrometer in constant use. He had a close association with the Verband.
Dr Dennis J Paustenbach
Consultant Chemical Engineeer
McLaren Environmental Engineering, ChemRisk Division, Alameda, CaliforniaHe was associated with John Graham's Harvard Center for Risk Analysis (HCRA), Exponent (air-testing), and the McLaren/Hart Environmental Engineering (air conditioning company).
Dr Roger Perry
Prof. Public Health Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering,
Imperial College, London, England
He was the tobacco industry's major lobbyist in England, and he also worked as a scientific and academic recruiter in Europe and Asia. The principle organiser of ARIA, and editor of Environmental Technology scientific journal.
Dr Jack E Peterson
IAQ/ETS Consultant
Peterson Associates Brookfield, Wisconsin
Dr Alan Poole
Dow Corporation, Midland, Michigan (later Smith Kline & French)He was a member of both ARIA and EGIL, so he must have had some commercial relationship with the tobacco industry. He also attended a few of their conferences.
Frank Powell
Director of Engineering
National Energy Management Institute (NEMI), Alexandria, Virginia
Dr Mark J. Reasor
Prof. of Pharmacology and Toxicology
West Virginia Uni. Medical Center, Morgantown, West Virginia
Dr Benito R. Reverente, Jr.
Occ. Health/Asian Consultant/Organiser
Philippine Refining Company, Manila, Philippines
Gray Robertson
President, IAQ/ETS Consultant
Healthy Buildings International, Fairfax, Virginia
Dr Francis JC Roe
London, EnglandThe ex-head of Experimental Pathology at the London Institute of Cancer Research. A popular TV spokesman. He billed for his professional ARIA/Whitecoats services through George B Leslie.
Dr Jerome K Roth
President, IAQ/ETS Consultant
Dir. The Center for Air Quality, Sharon, Connecticut
Dr Sorell Schwartz
Prof. of Toxicology/Pharmacology
Georgetown Medical School, Washington, DCHe was the principle organiser of the Indoor Air Pollution Advisory Group (IAPAG) with his university associates, Nancy Balter and Philip Witorsch. He also helped tobacco found the Center for Health and Human Toxicology (CEHHT) at the university.
Dr Jarnail Singh
Professor of Environmental Toxicology
Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Dr John M Sneddon
Pharmacy lecturer
School of Pharmacy, Sunderland, England
Dr Thomas Barry Starr
IAQ/ETS Consultant
Environ, Inc., Washington, DC.
Dr C.E. Steele
Reproductive Toxicology/writer,
Nice, France (later Knoll Pharmaceuticals, Nottingham, UK)
Frank Sullivan
IAQ/ETS Consultant Pharmacologist
Division of Pharmacology Guy's Hospital Medical College London, England
Dr Hugh Thomas
Middlewood Hospital Sheffield, England
Professor Alain Viala
Professor of Toxicology
University of Marseilles Marseilles, France
Dr Rodrigo Alban Villalba
Professor of Otolaryngology
Central University of Quito Quito, Ecuador
Dr Peter Voytek
Toxicology Consultant
Clement & Associates Fairfax, Virginia
Check Clement Associates
Dr David A Weeks
Doctor in general practice
Boise, IdahoOne of the most active of all the American medical lobbyists.
Dr Max Weetman
Lecturer at School of Pharmacy,
Sunderland Polytechnic, Sunderland-Tyne-Wear, England
Dr Lawrence M Wexler
Adj. Prof. Community and Preventive Medicine
New York Medical College Valhalla, New York
Director of the Epidemiology Consulting Group
Dr Philip Witorsch
Clinical Professor of Medicine
George Washington Uni, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Washington, DC.
Dr Raphael J Witorsch
Professor of Physiology
Medical College of Virginia
Virginia Commonwealth Uni, Richmond, Virginia
Dr Joseph M Wu
Prof. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
New York Medical College
Valhalla, New York
The claim that he was a principle organiser of the symposium is false.
Jocelyn AS Wyatt, P.Eng.
IAQ Engineer
Goodfellow Consultants, Inc.Mississauga, OntarioShe worked with Howard D Goodfellow and contracted on IAQ/ETS air conditioning/engineering to the tobacco industry. She gave herself Dr. credentials on occasions.
Preliminary list of primary speakers.[9]. Not on this chart is a long list of about 40 newly recruited (mainly Asian) WhiteCoats who were being introduced to the science of tobacco smoke so they could become "expert witnesses" in defense of the tobacco industry in their own countries.