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"The founding directors of Ecodynamic believe that the biodynamic, organic, low carbon, sustainable community can both invest profitably in renewable energy, pay member investors fair returns and generate a surplus for reinvestment in energy, food and grassroots projects for community benefit. Our community benefit society structure comes from the long established co-op tradition...

"Ecodynamic is constituted as a community benefit society (CBS). Formerly known as an industrial and provident society (IPS), the CBS is a traditional legal form for democratic social enterprises such as The Co-operative, agricultural co-ops and many of the 5,500+ co-operative and mutual enterprises in the UK which are owned by 12 million people with a combined annual turnover of over £33 billion.

"Recently, since the successful Fordhall Farm community buyout in 2006 by 8500 members investing over £800,000 there has been renewed interest in the use of the CBS legal form, because of both the growth of co-ops and the fact that community share offers enable communities to invest in themselves. " [1]  


Accessed May 2013: [2]  



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