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Eden Trust

"The only activity ofthe Trust is the development of the Eden Project in Cornwall. The day to day operation and future development ofthe Eden Project is being managed by a wholly owned incorporated subsidiary company, Eden Project Limited. Hereinafter the phrase "the Charity" is used to denote the combined activities of the Trust and Eden Project Limited.

"The Trust itselfdoes not employ any staff, but uses Eden Project Limited to manage a Friends Scheme and a Day Membership Scheme on its behalf.

"The Trust has secured grant funding from the Millennium Commission. This grant funding has been passed on to Eden Project Limited by way of interest free loan. The Charity has secured additional funding including a finance lease and a bank loan. This has enabled the Project to complete its initial capital project...

"Capital funding of £135 million to develop the Eden Project has been raised from a combination of circa £55 million from the Millennium Commission, circa £60 million in the form ofregional grants from South West RDA and European Regional Development Fund and circa £20 million in the form of bank loans and lease finance.

"To date, the vast majority oftotal income has been generated by Eden Project Limited from its visitors." [1]

Trustees (2013)

Accessed November 2013: [2]

Trustees (2007)

Accessed April 2009: [3]

Trustees (2006)

Accessed April 2009: [4]

  • Sir Ronald Hampel
  • Sir Richard Carew Pole
  • Richard Cunis
  • Simon Robertson
  • Anthony Salz
  • Guy Whalley (deceased 28 October 2005)
  • Lord George of St Tudy


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