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Edith Hillary Mwita, "a PhD student in Public Policy at UMass Boston, is concentrating on international development. A native of Tanzania, she is fluent in Swahili, Kinyiramba and English. Her interests include advocacy for social justice particularly in the areas of gender equality, girls' education and economic development for the poor. She also has a specific emphasis on advocacy for community participation in poverty alleviation, and health related issues including HIV/AIDS.

"Ms. Mwita worked as a program manager with The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Kenya and Tanzania; and worked in four regions in Tanzania with the European Development Fund - Micro Project Program as Zonal Director; with Women Irrigation Project (WIA), (a funded project by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)); and with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative in Tanzania as Agriculture field officer. She brings a multidisciplinary expertise such as proposal development and grant writing, program implementation and evaluations, and is working on developing community programs in Tanzania CDD.

"Ms. Mwita holds an EdM from Harvard University in Administration, Planning and Social Policy with a concentration on International Educational Policy and an MPS from Cornell University on International Agriculture and Rural Development. She also holds a BA on Rural Extension and Women in Development from Reading University in United Kingdom." [1]

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