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Edward Rawson, "Vice Chair of the Streit Council Board, has been a supporter of our organization, since participating in the initial meeting that founded Federal Union in New York back in 1939. In 1947, he also took part in forming United World Federalists. He served as Treasurer-Administrative Director of the World Federalist Association from 1976 to 1997. He became an AUD Board member in the early 1990s. Rawson joined the Dept. of State as Director for the Yugoslavia Relief Program in 1949 and subsequently served as economic attaché in the embassy in Belgrade . During the mid-fifties, he was program operations officer for Korea and Philippines with the International Cooperation Administration (ICA), the predecessor to the US Agency for International Development (AID). In 1958, he returned to Washington as Special Assistant to the deputy of Administration of the ICA , and in accordance with a presidential request, served as the liaison officer between the US government and Project Hope. Following a tour with ICA 's office for International Relations, Rawson was administrative coordinator for AID's program outsourced to other government agencies until his retirement in 1976. In addition to his services with his role in the forming of the Streit Council, Rawson is on the boards of: The International Center, The Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, Association to Unite Democracies, Citizens for Global Solutions and the Museum for Women in the Arts. He is the former Executive Vice President of the Campaign for UN Reform and President of the Capital Investment Association, as well as president of Rawson Family Enterprises." [1]

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