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Edwin J. Feulner, Jr. is the President of the Heritage Foundation, a standing he has enjoyed for 23 years.

He has held the following positions:

He also has served on the United States delegations to several meetings of the International Monetary Fund/World Bank group.

During the transition from the Jimmy Carter Administration to the Ronald Reagan Administration, Feulner served on the Executive Committee of the Presidential Transition. Many of the key initaitives of the Reagan administration emerged from the work and networks developed by the Heritage Foundation. In 1989 President Reagan conferred on Feulner the Presidential Citizens Medal.

Feulner served on the Congressional Commission on International Financial Institutions ("Meltzer Commission" 1999-2000). He was the Vice Chairman of the National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform ("Kemp Commission," 1995-1996), Chairman of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy (1982-91), a Consultant for Domestic Policy to President Reagan, and an adviser to several government departments and agencies.

Professor Edwin J. Feulner, Jr. served on the Council for National Policy (CNP) Board of Governors in 1982 and 1996 and on the CNP Executive Committee in 1988 and 1994. Feulner is President of The Heritage Foundation, "recruited in 1977 by Richard Mellon Scaife, heir of the Mellon fortune, to become Heritage president, a position he holds today."

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