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According to a brief biographical profile supplied to the National Journalism Center Eileen Ciesla attended a course in fall 2000 and has subsequently been "reporter, American Spectator, columnist, American Partisan, editor, FemmeSoul, contributor, The Implosion, Warren Brookes fellow, CEI, published in Investors Business Daily, The Coastal Voice, SpinTech, JollyRoger, Enter Stage Right, RightGrrl.com, FreeRepublic.Com, Knight Ridder News Service, Sierra Times, Orlando Sun Sentinel, Tech Central Station, American Enterprise, National Review Online, Eau Claire Leader Telegram, Jewish World Review, The Herald (Everett, WA), World Net Daily, American Prowler, Free-Market.Net, EnviroWire, CEI OnPoint, appeared on KFOR-AM (TX), WPZZ-AM (IN)".

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