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"Dowser Elizabeth Brown, one of the UK’s leading causative diagnosticians and environmental energy consultants, received the British Society of Dowsers’ Bell Award - named after the society’s founder Colonel A H Bell - for her 2010 book, Dowsing: The Ultimate Guide for the 21st Century. In the book, she describes how dowsing demonstrates the existence of an invisible realm of energy beyond our everyday world, and how it can optimise health, well-being and our quality of life.

"She has enjoyed diverse careers in media and film, interior design and international relocation. After living and working in New York and Washington DC, she worked for eight years with major multi-nationals and blue-chip companies in the City of London.

"Experiencing, first-hand, the debilitating effects of electromagnetic pollution in an office environment, she co-founded and ran a successful geopathic stress consultancy. Her thirty years of interest in holistic disciplines has included studying feng shui, astrology, dowsing and nutrition.

"Elizabeth, who lives in the south of France, looks to the latest ideas in quantum science and information theory to validate the wide-ranging applications of the ancient art of dowsing and offer an explanation of how it works. She joined forces with biochemist Dr David Hamilton to identify key biological processes disrupted by electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress (the effect of negative earth energies on people in their own homes)."[1]

Dowsing: The Ultimate Guide for the 21st Century was published by Hay House in 2010.


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