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Elizabeth Jay , since Jan. 2009, is the chief executive of Just Journalism, a pro-Isreal media monitoring organization.

From the Web site "Jewcy.com" (produced by Jewcy Media Group, which, according to its Web site, is an entertainment and media company "devoted to helping Jews (and anyone else) find, use, share, and expand meaning and community."[1] Elizabeth Jay's profile:

About Elizabeth Jay
Elizabeth Jay grew up in London and is a specialist in corporate communications and public affairs. She was formerly a consultant at the leading corporate communications consultancy Fishburn Hedges, where she advised not-for-profit and government organisations as well as companies including the BBC, Allen & Overy and BT. Prior to this she worked in communications for a leading charity. Previously, she practiced as a barrister in criminal and common law at the Chambers of Lord Thomas of Gresford QC in the Temple. Her qualifications include an MSc Econs in International Relations from the London School of Economics. Elizabeth was appointed to the post of Chief Executive of Just Journalism in January 2009.[2]


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