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Ellen Davidson "makes her living as an editor at Fashion Institute of Technology. Her previous experience with radical publications includes The (New York) Guardian, where she worked for 11 years doing everything from production to editing to running the business department; Lies of Our Times, a media-analysis monthly; and CovertAction Quarterly. She currently works with the War Resisters League (www.warresisters.org). In her nonexistent spare time, she bikes everywhere and sings everything from classical to jazz to political music from many cultures, especially with the vocal ensemble Harmonic Insurgence. At The Indypendent, she focuses on administrative work, managing the subscriber list and helping with promotion and fundraising. She also contributes her copyediting skills, being one of the few people left on the planet who knows what a semicolon is and when it should be used. She housed the newspaper’s operations in Lower East Side apartment for five months in 2005-06, and her cats Countess and Cleofis consider themselves members of the Indypendent staff." [1]

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