Ellie Lee

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Co-ordinator of the Pro-Choice Forum.

Editor of Institute of Ideas series 'Debating Matters'.

Former contributor to Living Marxism and 'member' of the LM group.

Books by Ellie Lee

  • Compensation Crazy: Do We Blame and Claim Too Much?
  • Nature's Revenge?: Hurricanes, Floods and Climate Change
  • Designer Babies: Where Should We Draw the Line?
  • Art: What Is It Good For?
  • Science: Can You Trust the Experts?
  • Alternative Medicine: Should We Swallow It?
  • the Internet: Brave New World?
  • Abortion, Motherhood, and Mental Health, ISBN 020230681X, Aldine Transaction, October 1, 2003. In her acknowledgements, Lee thanks fellow LM group members Frank Furedi and James Heartfield [1].