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Elliott Kulick was trained as an international lawyer. Early in his career he carried out a wide variety of legal and consulting assignments on behalf of such international companies as Mobil International and Booz Allen & Hamilton in Europe, the United States and Africa.

In 1970, Mr Kulick founded the Pegasus Group as an advisor And participant in cross border transactions and financing. Today, as Chairman of Pegasus International he advises multi-national corporations on mergers, acquisitions, financing and strategic planning in foreign markets. The company has principal offices in London and Washington. Pegasus takes equity positions in quoted public companies, private joint ventures in cutting edge technologies and in other business combinations.

Elliott Kulick's political ties in the United States go back to his teenage years on Capitol Hill as a Democrat Page in the 82nd Congress. During the following years as a US citizen he helped to lead Democrats abroad in Europe and Asia. He was influential in the passage of Congressional legislation leading to the achievement of Voting Rights for United States citizens resident abroad and Citizenship Rights for American children of Bi-national parentage.

Mr. Kulick is a Board Member of the Washington based National Democratic Institute (NDI), a non-governmental organisation concerned with a wide range of programs in strengthening and expanding democracy through advancing democratic values, practices and institutions abroad. The NDI has annual revenues and expenditures of about thirty (30) million dollars and a staff of over 300 working in some eighty (80) countries.

As a Board Member of the Brussels based International Crisis Group (ICG), a private multi-national organisation committed to strengthening the capacity of the international community to understand and respond to impending crises, Mr. Kulick and his fellow Board Members are charged with reviewing and approving the political analyses and recommendations of ICG and participating in the advocacy of its agreed policy positions targeted to key international decision makers.

Mr. Kulick is a White House Appointee to the Board of the Central Asian American Enterprise Fund, a not-for-profit investment fund of $150 million founded for the promotion of the development of the central Asian private sector including investments in Kazakhstan, The Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Elliott Kulick's long term personal, academic and corporate interest in Southeast Asia culminated in the co-authoring of a major book portraying the economic and political development of Thailand, "Thailand's Turn - Profile of a New Dragon" (St. Martins Press 1992/1994; white lotus 1996). He is currently at work on a projected political history of Buddhist monarchies in Southeast Asia and Indochina.

Mr Kulick holds degrees from Oxford University and the University of Chicago. He is an active speaker and regular panel participant at a wide range of international political, economic and business conferences. An Associate of the Royal Institute of International affairs and said Business School, Oxford, he is also a Director of the Brasenose Charitable Foundation and a Trustee of the British Urological Foundation. He lives in London with his wife Barbara Kulick, a sculptor and artist. They have two children.

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