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Emil Constantinescu "was born on November 19th 1939 in Tighina (today in the Republic of Moldova), as the son of an agronomy engineer originating in the southern part of Romania, where his family would return in 1943. After graduating the high school (1956) he entered the Faculty of Law at the Bucharest University. He got his degree in legal sciences (1960) and he started his activity as junior judge to a District Court. Because of the political climate he gave up this position and he became again student, at the Faculty of Geology – Geography (1961 – 1966). He is Doctor in Geology of the Bucharest University, Doctor ès Sciences of the Duke University, USA...

"Emil Constantinescu was elected vice-president (1990 – 1992) and president (1992 - 1996) of the Bucharest University; president of the National Council of University Presidents in Romania (1992 - 1996); member of the Steering Committee of the Association of European Universities - CRE (1992 - 1993; 1994 - 1998); member of the International Association of University Presidents - IAUP (1994 - 1996)...

"After the overthrow of the communist dictatorship (December 1989), he got involved, together with university colleagues and reputed intellectuals, in a sustained effort for the democratization of the country, for human rights protection, for civil society establishment. He was among the personalities protesting against antidemocratic actions of the new authorities participating in April - May 1990 in the 42 days long meeting in the University Square in Bucharest. As a reaction against the violent bloody acts of the miners, who, at the call of the acting President, rioted Bucharest in June 1990, he founded together with his colleagues, professors, and students, the association "University Solidarity". He has also been one of the founding members of the Civic Alliance (1990), the most important NGO in the country. These associations have joined the democratic opposition parties and have created the Democrat Convention of Romania - CDR (1991). At the proposal of the University Solidarity, supported by the Civic Alliance, Emil Constantinescu was appointed the candidate of the CDR in the presidential elections of 1992. He got into the second round and secured 38% of the votes in the confrontation with the acting President.

"Following this first important political experience, CDR elected him its president (1992 - 1996). He continued to act for strengthen the democratic opposition. Consequently, the CDR won the local and parliamentary elections of 1996, and, by direct vote, Emil Constantinescu was elected President of Romania for a term of four years...

"He was conferred the European Statesman of the Year Award of the East West Institute in New York (1998); The American Bar Association Award for outstanding merits in promoting the rule of law (Atlanta, 1999); The Aristide Calvani Award for peace, democracy and human development, (Paris, 1999); The Award for democracy of the Democrat Center, Washington (1998); The Coudenhove - Kalergi European Award for his contribution in developing Europe and free circulating of ideas (Bern, 2000)...

"In December 2000, Emil Constantinescu resumed his university duties and his endeavors for consolidating the role of NGOs as president of the Association for Civic Education, of the Romanian Foundation for Democracy and as founding president of the Institute for Regional Cooperation and Conflict Prevention. Since 2001 he is one of the founding members of the Balkan Political Club, a member of its Board of Directors; member of the Board of Directors of the East West Institute in New York. Since 2004 he is member of the High Council of the International Organization of Francophony. Since 2006 he is member of the Consultative International Board of International Centre for Democratic Transition in Budapest. He was the president of the international commission of monitoring in the parliamentary elections in Senegal (2001).

"In the last years he has published several document-books regarding his mandate as President of Romania and the evolution of his country in the first 15 years after the fall of communism.

"In 2006 he became founder member of European Generation Foundation and launched the project XXI European Generation Forum having as aim the forming of new Romanian professional and moral elite." [1]

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