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Emily Goldman is "a specialist in US foreign and national security policy, and military affairs. She has authored books and articles on US strategic, military, and arms control policy; strategic adaptation in peacetime; military innovation; organizational change; and defense resource allocation. Her current research focuses on the strategic and foreign policy implications of revolution in military affairs, and the impact of the information revolution on national security. She conducted a study for the Office of the Secretary of Defense on the international consequences of military revolutions 1500-present. She was project leader for a multi-year study on the diffusion of military knowledge, which examines how revolutionary military innovations spread. She is currently leading a follow-on project entitled 'The Information Revolution in Military Affairs: Prospects for Asia.' Professor Goldman also leads the Institute on Global Cooperation and Conflict (IGCC) Cybersecurity Program. She has been the recipient of awards from the MacArthur, Olin, Pew and Smith Richardson Foundations, and was the first woman to hold one of the Navy's prestigious Secretary of the Navy Senior Research Fellowships at the US Naval War College."

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