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Biographical Information

"Emma’s New Economy journey began while she was completing her Environmental Studies/Sustainable Development major at Mount Holyoke College, and working as part of a research delegation tracking the evolution of the Green Economy concept and civil society engagement in the Rio+20 United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development. Emma’s first love, sustainable agriculture, was born through farming experiences during a gap year in the Kalinago Territory of Dominica, a semester abroad in Panama and Kuna Yala, and a summer in Rutland, MA working as an Education Volunteer at the Heifer International Learning Center.

"Along with her position at the New Economics Institute, Emma is working with author and food activist Frances Moore Lappé at the Small Planet Institute, and serving as the Youth Group Adviser at the Follen Unitarian Universalist Church.

"Emma began working as an intern at the New Economics Institute in September 2012, concentrating on research and logistics for the 32nd Annual E.F. Schumacher Lecture, as well as preparations for the launch of the Campus Network Initiative. She has learned that economics is a means of organizing society, and can, like any institution, be reshaped to align with human and environmental wellbeing within the global ecosystem. " [1]


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