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Environic Foundation International


Accessed July 2008: [1]

Advisory Board

Accessed July 2008: [2]

  • Edward L. Bakewell III - Chairman, Bakewell Investment Company; President, Hypertat Corporation
  • James W. Bourne - Director, Drinking Water Academy, Us Environmental Protection Agency
  • Suheil Badi Bushrui - Director, Kahlil Gibran Research And Studies Project, University Of Maryland
  • Isabel Castillo De Ramos - President, Sol-Manik, Inc.
  • Grady Clay - Commentator, National Public Radio
  • Barry A. Costa-Pierce - Director, Rhode Island Sea Grant College Program, Graduate School Of Oceanography, University Of Rhode Island
  • Charla Devereux - Secretary-General, Science And Medical Network
  • Paul Devereux - Founder, Dragon Project Trust
  • Jennifer Greene - Director, Water Research Institute Of Blue Hill
  • Ergun Gurpinar - Professor, Faculty Of Political Science, Department Of Environmental Planning, Istanbul University
  • Charles W. Harris - Former Chair And Director Of Research,
  • Robert K. Hitchcock - Professor Of Anthropology And Geography, University Of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Richard T. Hill - Director, Rural Education Assistance Program, Colorado State University
  • Donald Huisingh - Senior Scientist In Sustainable Development, Center For Clean Products & Clean Technologies, University Of Tennessee At Knoxville
  • Elizabeth Kingman - Graphic Artist
  • Insook Kwon - Assistant Professor, Women’s Studies Department, College Of Arts & Sciences, University Of South Florida
  • Stephen Levrant - Principal, Heritage Architecture
  • Scott P. Losee - Principal, Air And Energy, Pollution Prevention, Health And Safety Branch, Brisbane City Council
  • Edward R. Mudd - Edward R. Mudd Architects
  • Ibrahim M. Oweiss - Associate Professor Emeritus, Department Of Economics, Georgetown University
  • Clifford B. Peterson - Research Director, Trillium Concepts Incorporated
  • Noah Salameh Al Khmoor - Director, The Center For Conflict Resolution And Reconciliation
  • Debra Rowe - President, U.S. Partnership For Education For Sustainable Development And Professor Of Psychology, Sustainable Energies And Behavioral Sciences, Oakland Community College (Michigan)
  • Susan S. Seacrest - President, The Groundwater Foundation
  • Paul Spreiregen - Architect, Planner, Author
  • Tom Toles - Editorial Cartoonist, The Washington Post
  • J. Ross Vincent - President, Rvc Associates


Web: http://www.environicfoundation.org

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