Environmental Enterprises Assistance Fund

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Environmental Enterprises Assistance Fund (EEAF) "was founded in 1990 to bridge the gap between investment capital and small environmental businesses in developing countries. EEAF's core program focuses on managing private equity funds. However, its broader mission is to build capacity in the countries where it works. Based in Arlington, VA, EEAF has a fully owned subsidiary in Costa Rica, Empresas Ambientales de CentroAmerica and also partners with financial institutions in several other countries. Since 1996, EEAF has raised some of the first environmental emerging-market private equity funds. EEAF's Objectives are to finance environmentally beneficial companies that become models for replication by other entrepreneurs and investors; foster the creation of investment funds that generate financial, environmental and social returns; collaborate with regional and local institutions that promote sustainable development; and leverage additional financing from other investors and provide management support for portfolio companies. In addition to its own investment capital, EEAF manages private, for-profit investment funds." [1]


1655 N. Fort Myer Drive, Suite 520, Arlington, VA 22209, USA
Web: http://www.eeaf.org (no longer works)