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Eric Herring

His website notes that his "main current research focus is on preventing military abuses of human rights. I am continuing my research on the occupation of Iraq and its legacy. I have also carried out research on the relationship between International Relations academia and elite power, including an assessment of why the world politics scholarship of Noam Chomsky receives so little attention in academia; on the UN economic sanctions on Iraq 1990-2003; and on activist world politics scholarship." [1]


"Visiting Scholar at George Washington University, 1986, Tutor at University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1986-87, Social Science Research Council MacArthur Fellow at Columbia University, 1987-89. Lecturer at Bristol from 1989, Senior Lecturer from 2001. University of Bristol Research Fellowship 1994-95; Convenor, Network of Activist Scholars of Politics and International Relations, 2002-. Convenor, BISA NASPIR Working Group, 2003-. Convenor, PSA Specialist Group on Political Activism, 2003-. Faculty of Social Sciences & Law Teaching Prize, 2005. Specialist Adviser, Select Committee on Economic Affairs, House of Lords, 2006-07." [3]

Books [4]

  • Co-author Glen Rangwala, Iraq in Fragments: The Occupation and its Legacy London and Ithaca: Hurst and Cornell University Press, 2006).
  • Co-author Ken Booth, Keyguide to Information Sources in Strategic Studies (London: Mansell, 1994), 352 pages.
  • Co-editors Geoffrey Pridham and George Sanford, Building Democracy? The International Dimension of Democratisation in Eastern Europe (Leicester: Leicester University Press, 1994), 224 pages. Revised edition published in 1997.
  • Danger and Opportunity. Explaining International Crisis Outcomes (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1995), 306 pages.
  • Co-author Barry Buzan, The Arms Dynamic in World Politics (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1998), 325 pages.
  • Editor, Preventing the Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (London: Frank Cass, 2000), 226 pages.

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