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"The European Scientific Working group on Influenza was founded in October 1992. This multidisciplinary group of key opinion leaders in influenza aims to combat the impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza. Complementing the core group of ESWI members are advisers, linking ESWI to the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin and the University of Connecticut, USA. To finance its activities and plans, ESWI receives equal annual grants from several pharmaceutical companies. Its scientific independence is guaranteed by the group’s constitution." (From 2007)

European Scientific Working Group on Influenza (ESWI) – which was industry-funded by Roche and other influenza drug manufacturers.[1]

"To finance its activities and plans, ESWI receives equal annual grants from ten pharmaceutical companies. Its scientific independence, however, is absolute and indisputable, as it is explicitly included in the group’s constitution. In addition, ESWI’s code of practice, signed by all sponsoring partners, stipulates that company representatives play an advising, never a deciding, role in the group.

"The pharmaceutical companies supporting ESWI include:

"Manufacturers of influenza vaccines join forces in (European Vaccine Manufacturers) in order to promote a favourable climate for expanded vaccine protection and improved vaccine coverage in Europe. Manufacturers of influenza vaccines are assembled in the Influenza Vaccine Supply international task force to assist business leaders in ensuring adequate flu vaccine production capacity in the event of a pandemic, and to provide advice to health authorities regarding vaccination recommendations and delivery strategies. No exclusive rights to sponsorship exist. ESWI is pleased to discuss sponsorship opportunities with any organisation (commercial, non-profit, educational) interested in supporting and facilitating its long-term objectives. Donations to individual projects, rather than general financial sponsorship, are also accepted and donors receive public acknowledgement of their support. Potential sponsors and/or donors are invited to contact the ESWI management." [1]

Members (2004)

Members: [2]



"ESWI is currently supported by seven pharmaceutical companies with European operations: Chiron Vaccines, Medeva Pharma, Glaxo Wellcome, Hoffman-La Roche Ltd, Pasteur Mérieux MSD, SmithKline Beecham Biologicals, and Solvay Pharmaceuticals. The companies provide equal financial support by means of an annual contribution. ESWI observes and enjoys strict scientific independence. Members: Prof. Franz Ambrosch; Vienna; Prof. Lars R. Haaheim, Bergen; Dr. Karl G. Nicholson (Vice-President), Leicester; Prof. A D M E Osterhaus, Rotterdam; Prof. Olli Ruuskanen, Turku; Dr. René Snacken (Chairman and President of the Board), Brussels; Dr. Thomas Szucs, Zurich; Prof. Sylvie van der Werf, Paris; Dr. John Watson, London; Dr. John Wood (Secretary), Potters Bar. Senior Members: Prof. Claude Hannoun, Paris; Prof. Dr. Gerard J. Ligthart, Amsterdam; Prof. Christoph Scholtissek, Giessen; Dr. Bela Tumova, Prague. Advisors: Dr. Alan P. Kendal, Atlanta (USA); Dr Daniel Lavanchy, Geneva; Dr. Abraham M. Palache (Sponsor Liaison), " [3]

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