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Evelin G. Lindner

"1973/74: Studies law, psychology and sinology at the University of Frankfurt; 1978 graduates as a psychologist from the University of Hamburg; 1995 license as a psychologist in Norway. Studies medicine 1978 - 1984 in Germany and New Zealand; 1984 graduates as a physician from University of Hamburg; 1997 license as a physician in Norway. Between 1975-1991 studies and works in Israel, West Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, China, USA, becoming acquainted with different languages and cultures (she handles around 12 languages). 1984 - 1991: Works as a clinical psychologist and psychological counsellor in Cairo, Egypt. 1991 - 1995: Completion of a medical doctorate in the field of cross-cultural quality of life research at the Department of Medical Psychology at the University Hospital of Hamburg; 1994 German doctoral degree in medicine (magna cum laude). 1995- 1996: Participation in the Ethics Programme at the Norwegian's Research Council. 1996 - 2001: Completion of psychological doctorate in the field of social psychology on the dynamics of humiliation and their links to war and violence, based on German history, with field work in Somalia and Rwanda; the research project was anchored at the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo, Norway, as part of the research programme on Multilateral Development Assistance, Norwegian Research Council, title of doctorate: "The Feeling of Being Humiliated: A Central Theme in Armed Conflicts. A Study of the Role of Humiliation in Somalia, and Burundi/Rwanda, Between the Warring Parties, and in Relation to Third Intervening Parties." 2001: Norwegian doctoral degree in psychology on the topic of humiliation. Since 2001 Lindner anchors her work on humiliation internationally, she initiates and builds The Center for Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies as a global network under the umbrella of the Columbia University of Conflict Resolution Network in New York." [1]

"Research in the field of humiliation, building A Theory of Humiliation in cooperation with the Departments of Psychology at the Universities of Oslo (since 1997) and Trondheim (since 1999) in Norway, the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme in Paris in France (since 2001), and the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR), Teachers College, Columbia University (since 2001) in New York in the United States." [2]

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