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New York business executive Arthur Tannenbaum and his wife, Phyllis Tannenbaum, "always enjoyed reading to their three children. Phyllis’s experience as an elementary school teacher, combined with the Tannenbaums’ experience parenting their own children through the New York City public school system, inspired them to make the one-to-one reading aloud experience available to other children and adults. The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease underscored the importance of reading aloud to children and provided the final impetus for Arthur to visit a school near his office during lunch hour to read with a student. Colleagues soon joined in what became Power Lunch. When Arthur retired in 1991, he founded Everybody Wins! and devoted his time to expanding the program. From five readers in one Manhattan public school, Power Lunch now operates in 37 cities throughout the country. " [1]


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URL: http://www.everybodywinsny.org

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