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"Evgueny Faydysh worked for a long time at research institutes of the Soviet Union Academy of Sciences, professor, the member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the International Informatization Academy, and others. In the context of the cosmic program he was engaged in study of behavioural mechanisms of humans and animals, bionic principles of creation of cosmic robots, elaboration of methods of human mobilization in extreme situations. He was among fist scientists who started to use ideas of synergetics and chaos theory for modelling of behaviour. He studies informational mechanisms of acupuncture and developed a number of fundamentally new devices for influence on biologically active points and correction of psychophysiological state of a human.

"After the Perestroika Evgueny Faydysh continued to work in the field of transpersonal psychology and geomancy using his behavioural models and methods for research of esoteric practices of ancient civilizations, mapping of altered states of consciousness, adaptation of traditional psychotronic technologies and methods to modern civilization.

"He was an initiator and participant of many expeditions to insufficiently explored regions of Siberia, North America and Mexico, China, India, Nepal and Tibet, Sri Lanka, England, Scotland, Ireland, Mediterranean, Hawaii and Japan — the places where traces of ancient civilizations still remain. For many years he studied different traditions of geomancy, investigated ancient megalithic constructions, their connection with origin and evolution of civilization on the Earth, ecology of our planet.

"Evgueny Faydysh is the president of the Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology, director of the Institute for Noosphere Research, head of international project of ecology of informational environment of the Foundation for Survival and Development of Humanity"."[1]

17th International Transpersonal Conference (2010)

The Russian side of the event was organized by Vladimir Maykov.

Evgueny Faydysh spoke at this conference, as did Stanislav Grof, Michael Murphy, Jim Garrison, Ervin Laszlo, Max Schupbach and Ellen Schupbach, James Fadiman, Eduard Sagalaev, Tonu Soidla, Irina Kuris, Arkady Rovner, German Karelsky,

Supporting organizations: International Transpersonal Association, European Transpersonal Association , Association of Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy, Japan Association for Transpersonal Psychology/Psychiatry, Association of Body, Oriented Psychotherapists, Moscow Association of Analytical Psychology, World Business Academy, John Fetzer Institute, Saybrook Institute, All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League, Institute of Group and Family Psychology and Psychotherapy, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies , John F. Kennedy University, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Esalen Institute, Association of Transpersonal Psychology, Psychological Center, LOFT, Deep Democracy Institute [1]

Financial sponsors: Eduard Sagalaev, president of the Russian National Association of TV broadcasters; Xenia Kuleshova, founder of LOFT Center; Stas Namin Center, Saybrook Institute, Deep Democracy Institute

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