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Fabienne Hara "was the co-director for the Africa program of the International Crisis Group until May 2003. After serving at the ICG for five years, Fabienne Hara has become an independent consultant specializing in: conflict analysis; conflict prevention and mitigation; peace agreements and support to transitional processes; evaluations; Central and West Africa. She has been working on Africa, conflict prevention and refugees issues in various think tanks and organizations like the Center for Preventive Action at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, Doctors of the World in Burundi, academic institutions in France and Germany. She has been an observer to the Arusha and Lusaka peace processes in Burundi and DRC. She has written and edited more than 40 reports and briefing papers on Central, West and North Africa for ICG and published a number of articles including "Burundi: a Case of Parallel Diplomacy" in Herding cats: Multiparty Mediation in a Complex World, USIP press, 1999; "Learning from Burundi's Failed Transition" in Cases and Strategies for Preventive Action, Twentieth Century Fund, New York, 1998; "Cinquante millions de réfugiés vivent une précarité durable" in Le Nouvel Etat du Monde, La Découverte, Paris, 1999/ 2001." [1]