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Fahamu "has a vision of the world where people organise to emancipate themselves from all forms of oppression, recognise their social responsibilities, respect each other’s differences, and realise their full potential...

"Fahamu comprises a small core of highly skilled and experienced staff based in Oxford (UK), Cape Town (South Africa) and in Nairobi (Kenya). We also have a network of Associates located in Africa, UK and elsewhere. Fahamu also works with a wide range of international partners. Our work is also made possible through the commitment of volunteers and interns." [1]

Selected staff members from Fahamu's various offices include: [2]



Accessed April 2008: [3]


Accessed April 2008: [4]

  • "The following organisations are working with Fahamu to campaign for the Ratification of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa National Committee for Human Rights; Djibouti, African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies; The Gambia, Cellule de Coordination sur les Pratiques Traditionelle Affectant la Sante des Femmes et des Enfants; Guinea Conakry, Coalition on Violence Against Women; Kenya, Association des Juristes de Mali, Foundation for Community Development; Mozambique, Sister Namibia, Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative; Nigeria, Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria; South Africa, Women in Law and Development in Africa; Zimbabwe and Togo, and Akina Mama wa Afrika; Uganda." [5]


Web: http://www.fahamu.org

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