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Falah Aljibury is an Iraqi-born independent international petroleum consultant, energy analyst, and "veteran OPEC-watcher" based in Alamo, California, who advises the Iraqi oil industry" (2003). [1][2][3]

He is also identified as "'Fala K. Aljibury', a California-based consultant to international oil companies"; [4]; as "OPEC Consultant Falah Aljibury, Ph.D. P.E." [5] and as "Falih Aljibury". [6]


Greg Palast wrote in October 26, 2004, that "Iraq-born Falah Aljibury was in on the drafting of administration blueprints for the post-Saddam Iraq. According to Aljibury, the administration began coveting its Mideast neighbor's oil within weeks of the Bush-Cheney inauguration, when the White House convened a closed committee under the direction of the State Department's Pam Wainwright. The group included banking and chemical industry men, and the range of topics over what to do with a post-conquest Iraq was wide. In short order, said Aljibury, 'It became an oil group.'" [11]

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