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Fateh Azzam "received LLM in International Human Rights Law from Essex University, Colchester, U.K. in 1992. He is currently Program Officer for Human Rights, The Ford Foundation office for the Middle East and North Africa, Cairo. From September 2003-2006, he was Lecturer in Political Science and Director of the Forced Migration and Refugee Studies Program, American University in Cairo. Azzam is currently Regional Representative for OHCHR in Beirut.

"Fateh has contributed to the boards of several Palestinian, Arab and international human rights organizations and participated in human rights missions and projects by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch in Syria, Algeria, Morocco and elsewhere. Past work included directing al-Haq in Palestine, education and outreach at Oxfam America, Boston, and many years as a theater performer, choreographer and teacher. His writings on human rights and theater include Political Rights and the Practice of Democracy (Ramallah: Muwatin - Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy, 1995), and articles in Human Rights Quarterly, Nordic Journal of International Law, ICJ Review, Arab Journal for Human Rights, and elsewhere." [1] [1]

"Fateh Azzam is the Director of the Forced Migration and Refugee Studies Program at the American University in Cairo. He was formerly Programme Officer for human rights at the Ford Foundation in Cairo and Lagos, and the Director of Al-Haq from 1988-1995. Mr. Azzam has published a number of articles on human rights in the Middle East. He was recently appointed the Chair of the New Arab Human Rights Fund, by the Board of Directors. The fund was recently started by Arab countries to promote and uphold human rights in the region." [2]

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