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Biographical Information

"Mr. Fethi Touzri was born in Tunis, Tunisia in 1961. He studied medicine at the University of Tunis, receiving his diploma in Medicine in 1989 and in Psychiatry in 1992. He now works as a private psychiatrist in Tunis. From 1993-1995, he was a member of the MDS (Mouvement des democrates socialistes) a moderate opposition group, with which he ran for a legislative seat in 1994. In 2000 he co-founded the PDP group and was a member of its board. He left the PDP in 2009 and with other members founded the “Reform and Development Group” with which he ran in the 2009 legislative elections as an independent. Over the past two decades Mr. Touzri has also been very active in the human rights field. He was elected in 1994 as a member of the board of the LTDH (Ligue tunisienne des droits de l’homme) the Tunisian Association for Human Rights. Mr. Touzri is also very active as a trainer on human rights and collaborates with the U.N. system in Tunisia and various U.N. agencies to promote the human right based programming. He has written numerous papers advocating for moderate political reform that engages all principal political actors."[1]

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