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"The initiative to develop the Field Centre has grown out of 30 years of work at Ruskin Mill, and more recently with the Hiram Trust where action research within the fields of Therapeutic Eduation, Biodynamic Agriculture and Health have cooperated.

"The Centre will be a platform to support and develop the method which has informed both the development of Ruskin Mill Trust and the Hiram Trust and it will serve adult learners of all cultures, abilities and means.

"The opening of the Field Centre in 2013 will provide a focus for a diverse portfolio of local, national and international eduation and research opportunities. Crossfields Institute will continue to develop a range of accredited programmes from Foundation Learning to PhD level in collaboration with affiliated organisations, universities and awarding bodies in the UK and overseas." [1]


Accessed June 2013: [2]

"We are also delighted that professor Arthur Zajonc has agreed to be the Patron of the Field Centre.

"Endorsements to date:

- And the following organisations:



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