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The Foundation for the Future "is a multilateral, not-for-profit entity with a focus on grant making in support of democracy and reform. The establishment of the Foundation for the Future represents a commitment to the principles of freedom and democracy, as they are elaborated in political, economic, and civic education programs led by indigenous non-governmental organizations." [1]critical info


Accessed February 2011: [1]

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"Responding to calls from civil society for an independent foundation to advance freedom and democratic practices, the United States has joined governments from Europe and the Middle East to support the Broader Middle East and North Africa Foundation for the Future. The Foundation was announced at the November 12, 2005, Forum for the Future in Bahrain by Secretary Rice, the foreign ministers of other contributing governments, and civil society representatives.

"Pledges to the foundation total more than $56 million.

"For more information, you may visit the Foundation for the Future's Web site at" [2]

In June 2006, the Department of State noted that it was "pleased to announce that former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has agreed to serve as the U.S. representative to the board of the Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) Foundation for the Future." [3]



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