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Francisco Rojas Aravena (Chile) "is Executive Director of FLACSO-Chile. Before being appointed Director, he was the Coordinator of the International and Military Relations Division of the same institution. He is Co-Director of the Peace and Security Program in the Americas. Professor at Standford University, Santiago Campus (1995- ). He is also Associate Professor at the Center for Latin American Studies in the San Diego State University (1999-2000) and lectures on theory and practice of negotiation, organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for young Latin American political leaders.

"He has been visiting professor in many US universities and during the 1986-1987 academic year he was a Fulbright Research Scholar at the Latin American and Caribbean Center in the Florida International University, Miami. He has advised several regional governments and different international organizations such as the United Nations, the ECLAC, the UNDP and the IDB. In the same category, he was engaged in end-product and project assessment in the field of Social Sciences in the Latin American region.

"From 1980 to 1990 he worked as Professor and served as Research Coordinator of the International Research School at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (UNA).

"He was Professor of the International Relations Post-graduate course at FLACSO in San José de Costa Rica and Fellow in 1987 and 1988. He served as adviser to the Costa Rican Foreign Affairs Minister. He was also involved in developing many initiatives fostered by Central American governments within the framework of a regional crisis.

"He is the editor of the magazine Fuerzas Armadas y Sociedad of FLACSO-Chile and member of the Editorial Councils of the following publications: Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs, University of Miami; Relaciones Internacionales magazine, University of Costa Rica; Estudios Internacionales magazine, IRIPAZ, Guatemala. In the past, he was member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Hemisphere –a publication of the Latin American and Caribbean Center, Florida International University, Miami. With a Master in Political Sciences, he is an expert in international relations and security.

"His major research areas include: foreign politics compared to Latin America and its hemispheric relations, international security in the Americas, theories and processes of negotiation. Author of several articles published in specialized magazines in Latin America, the US and Europe. His work has appeared in over a dozen books. His latest works are Multilateralismo: perspectivas latinoamericanas and Las Cumbres Iberoamericanas: una mirada global." [1]