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The following are quotes which include the phrase freedom-loving people made by President Ronald Reagan.

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On February 10, 1984, President Ronald Reagan spoke on public television from Palm Beach, Florida, to honor United Nations Ambassador Jeane J. Kirkpatrick with a leadership award. In his speech ("The Authentic Revolution"), he said:

"The forces of human liberty, of kindness and decency, are for the first time in years asserting themselves and fighting back. This is especially true in the Third World, where countries that flirted with Marxism-Leninism are rejecting that unworkable and discredited ideology. It can be seen in the struggles in Afghanistan, in Chad, and elsewhere where freedom-loving people are struggling against heavy odds to secure their liberty and independence."

"For instance, in a proclamation published in the Federal Register, President Reagan said of the Islamic opposition to the Soviets on March 20, 1984 that '[w]e stand in admiration of the indomitable will and courage of the Afghan people who continue their resistance to tyranny. All freedom-loving people around the globe should be inspired by the Afghan people's struggle to be free and the heavy sacrifices they bear for liberty.'"[1]

In his March 21, 1985, Proclamation 5309 declaring "Afghanistan Day, 1985", Ronald Reagan said:

"All Americans are outraged by this growing Soviet brutality against the proud and freedom-loving people of Afghanistan. Moreover, the entire world community has condemned the outside occupation of Afghanistan. Six times, in fact, the United Nations General Assembly has passed strong resolutions -- supported by the overwhelming majority of the world's nations...."

On May 5, 1985, Ronald Reagan spoke at Bitburg Air Base [in West Germany]:

"Twenty-two years ago President John F. Kennedy went to the Berlin Wall and proclaimed that he, too, was a Berliner. Well, today freedom-loving people around the world must say, I am a Berliner, I am a Jew in a world still threatened by anti-Semitism, I am an Afghan, and I am a prisoner of the Gulag, I am a refugee in a crowded boat foundering off the coast of Vietnam, I am a Laotian, a Cambodian, a Cuban, and a Miskito Indian in Nicaragua. I, too, an a potential victim of totalitarianism."

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