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From 2006: "FreshDirect was bankrolled in 1999 by Ackerman and his uncle" Peter Ackerman, "who own a majority stake through their fund, Crown Capital Group. Insurance giant AIG is also an investor, as are several individuals such as FreshDirect's chairman, Richard Braddock, who was the president of Citibank and chief executive of

"FreshDirect's continued success depends entirely on product quality and logistical prowess. "The challenge is for the 33 pieces to show up in the factory at the same time to get on the truck," says Kelly McGowan, chief information officer. He still spouts the lingo of his old job on Wall Street, comparing food delivery to the electronic transmission of stock and bond trading orders...

"The kitchen where FreshDirect's executive chef, Michael Stark, prepares his packaged meals is increasingly automated, too. " [1].


Accessed March 2013: [2]


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