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"Our mission is to help young people succeed. Significant barriers exist for many young people in our society: poverty, failing schools, gang culture, poor parenting and a lack of appropriate role models are just a few. However, we believe that with the right support, encouragement and opportunities, there are no limits to what young people can achieve. There are three arms to the work that we do to help young people overcome the difficulties they face and achieve to the maximum of their ability: Venture Philanthropy, Academy Sponsorship and Research." [1]

"Future is an umbrella organisation that funds and advises a range of projects, including the Place2Be, a well-regarded school-based counselling service, and Street Pastors, a church initiative which sends uniformed volunteers out to patrol troubled inner-city areas. Future has strong connections to Alpha Plus, a management business that runs a string of private prep schools but only one secondary school, the exclusive Portland Place, in London's West End. Nash says Alpha Plus will be advising Future on the running of Pimlico."[2]

Other groups supported include: MyGeneration, Jamie’s Farm, Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy, Future First, Chance UK, Greenhouse, Social Mobility Foundation


Accessed August 2012: [3]


Web: http://onlinefuture.org

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