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GCI is a subsidiary of Grey Global Group, the sixth largest communications company in the world.

GCI has 50 offices in 27 countries and concentrates and six core practice areas - consumer marketing, corporate, healthcare, media relations, public affairs and technology. [1]


GCI has been appointed to manage media services at the 2004 Republican National Convention. Heading the six-person GCI team is Ray Kerins "GCI staffers will help arrange interviews, provide background information, distribute schedules and book reservations and transportation for members of the media," O'Dwyers PR Daily reported. [2]

In mid-2006 Dell hired the GCI Group to help the computer company with a PR campaign titled "Rebuilding Corporate Reputation Through Grassroots Efforts" — a fancy way of saying they are trying to repair the company's reputation for poor customer service. They helped Dell set up one of those newfanged "blog" thingies, but couldn't resist insulting Jeff Jarvis, a prominent blogger who has been complaining for years about his "Dell Hell." [3] After someone at GCI posted an anonymous comment calling Jarvis a "worm" who has "no life," Jarvis fired back. [4] The lesson, according to John Stodder, is that "there is no such thing as an anonymous blog comment," and "there is just no telling how stupid some people can be." [5]



Contact details

GCI Group - Worldwide Headquarters
825 Third Avenue
New York NY 10022
United States
Phone: + 1 212 537 8000
Fax: + 1 212 537 8050
Web: http://www.gcigroup.com/default.php

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