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GJW Government Relations was a political lobbying company which counted Enron and Balfour Beatty among its clients. It was implicated in the UK LobbyGate scandal of 1998, boasting of the immediate access to ministers it could obtain in return for cash [1].

GJW was created in 1980 by Wilf Weeks and Andrew Gifford. It merged with BSMG Worldwide in 2000 [2]; BSMG Worldwide merged with Weber Shandwick in 2001, and Weber Shandwick GJW, the public affairs arm of Weber Shandwick, was born. At the time of LobbyGate, its staff were:

  • Andrew Gifford, Managing Director
  • Wilf Weeks, Chairman (now Chairman of European Public Affairs, Weber Shandwick GJW)
  • Nigel Clarke, Director (now Chairman, Public Affairs, Weber Shandwick GJW)
  • Karl Milner, consultant
  • Mari James, Cardiff office (now Managing Director of Public Affairs in Wales, Weber Shandwick GJW)