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Gavin Anderson & Company is a part of Diversified Agency Services (DAS), a division of Omnicom Group Inc.


Gavin Anderson & Company has offices in 13 centres, predominately in Australia, Asia-Pacific and Europe. (its offices are in New York, Washington, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra). Founded in 1981, it employs 180 people.

According to the company website the company's approach is to "Inform. Change. Solve : An effective communications strategy can turn the tide of public opinion, create a splash with a new initiative, or contain a brewing storm."



Contact information

220 East 42nd St., 4th flr.
New York, NY 10017
Phone: 212/515-1900
Fax:212 515-1909

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