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Gavin Howard Varejes — Entrepreneur and Philanthroper, Founder and CEO of Richmark Holdings, President of SARLA (South African Rugby Legends Association)

Gavin Varejes Early Years

Gavin Varejes was born and raised in Durbin, South Africa. In his youth, he enjoyed water sports, especially water polo and he became certified as a lifeguard. Varejes joined the South African Defense Force, joining the water polo team. After his tour of duty, he attended the University of Durban, where he received his degree in marketing. After graduating, he quickly began to immerse himself in a number of different industries, ultimately moving from Durban to Johannesburg in order to broaden his opportunities and strengthen his entrepreneurial skills. He enjoyed a successful period in the mobile technology industry, and then in 2000, Gavin Verejes founded Richmark Holdings.

Richmark Holdings: Building a Strong Foundation for South Africa's Future

The mission of Richmark Holdings is to build the next generation of South African entrepreneurs. Richmark provides a financial framework to enable select business leaders to develop to their fullest potential and be successful in the long-term. Richmark's current focus is on funding business development, a shift from its founding focus on human resource development, targeting successful companies, primarily those involved in telecommunications Richmark provides capital to enable these budding success stories to flourish and make their contribution to the South African economy, driving job growth and improving income opportunities.

SARLA (South African Rugby Legends Association): Opening doors of opportunity to South Africa's Youth

Gavin Varejes' love of sports was not lost when he became a successful business man and venture capitalist. In fact, he utilises the medium of sports and sports stars to raise money for a number of charity causes and to help the disadvantaged youth of South Africa. Among these is SARLA, a non-profit organisation that he co-founded. SARLA has two missions: (1) to develop the sport of rugby at the community level and (2) to support Rugby Legends—former players, coaches and others associated with the sport of Rugby. SARLA runs a number of community-based projects for disadvantaged youth, giving them the skills they need not only to potentially have a career in Rugby but success in life. Combining sports training with esteem building, SARLA coaches are able to address many of the problems facing these youth, such as drug use, single parent homes, crime, and academic failure.

Rugby Legends are former players, coaches, administrators, volunteers and others who have dedicated their lives to the sport and who are now able to commit their time to SARLA projects by coaching, fundraising, training and in other ways sharing with these youth their passion and tools for success on and off the playing field. Their stardom has a particular impact on the youth-at-risk that SARLA serves.

Gavin Varejes Personal Life

Gavin Varejes is married to his wife of 20 years, father of two children and resides in Johannesburg. In the summer of 2013, he received an honourary membership into the Golden Key International Society, an organisation that recognises the outstanding academic achievement of university students.

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