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GeoPol Services S.A.

Google Translation from original French: "Briefing with the Pentagon: Saudi Arabia is the enemy one!, August 16, 2002:

"The choice of Laurent Murawiec could appear disastrous well for Richard Perle and its last plot. In the Seventies and Eighties, Murawiec worked for Executive Intellgence Review, in its German office of Wiesbaden. It separated from Lyndon LaRouche on two principal points: the evaluation 1) of the role of Ariel Sharon and 2) of the real geopolitical context of the War of the Gulf of 1991. During twelve last years, Murawiec always expressed its bitter hatred against LaRouche.

"At the beginning of the Nineties, Murawiec worked for an obscure company of Swiss consultants, GEOPOL Services SA, based in Geneva. Among the leaders of this company, there was the trafficker of weapons Helmut Raiser, who sold in Iraq billion dollars of ammunition in the Eighties and which transferred to him from technologies of missiles. There was also old the Swiss minister Justice, Elizabeth Kopp, wife of Hans Kopp, a lawyer being used as intermediary in equivocal businesses, which was later disbarred. The president of GEOPOL was Pierre Hafner, a financier genevois who was in business connections with Edgar De Picciotto of the Banking Union Privee. After Hafner spent several months in a Swiss prison, GEOPOL started to fall into the lapse of memory. Murawiec accepted a research grant of the 'Foundation Marc Rich', based in Paris. Marc Rich is an American financier having lived during years in Switzerland to escape American justice. He finally obtained a presidential pardon of Bill Clinton, thanks to a substantial financial contribution to the democratic Party.

  • Note: Kopp was forced "to resign of the Swiss government in January 1989."[1]

"After having worked as translator in Paris, Murawiec was transformed into 'military expert' and specialized in the 'Revolution of the military businesses' (revolution in military affairs). It is about a policy utopian launched by the Office of the evaluation of the networks (Office of Net Assessment) of the Pentagon, directed by Andrew Marshall. In short: the American military power and its total supremacy are guaranteed by the new 'digital era' of the 'cyberwar'.

"It is not astonishing that Murawiec moves then in Washington towards the end of the Nineties, where it works in RAND Corporation. This brutal change of career was facilitated by Mira Lansky Boland, which were member of the group 'he is necessary to have LaRouche' in Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and by Elizabeth Kopp. This one has as a cousin the former secretary-assistant of Defense Fred C. Ikle, itself partner in businesses of the husband of Boland, John Boland, in Telos Corporation, large supplier of the Pentagon. Murawiec quickly became the tool of this circle of néoconservateurs (neoconservatives) and extremists of right-hand side supporting Ariel Sharon. Richard Perle is a typical representative of this group and it had already organized a 'coming out' for Murawiec at the time of a conference of American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in December 1999."

Capitre. GeoPol Services SA , Genève. "BLACK INTELLIGENCE":

"GeoPol Services SA in Geneva brought together an eerie combination of shady 'private banking,' the brokering of 'unusual' international business contracts, international arms trafficking, and suspected laundering of drug money. The GeoPol executives are intertwined with the highest levels of the Iran-Contra and Iraq-gate weapons trafficking of the 1980s. GeoPol must be viewed as a front for dirty intelligence activities.

"Laurent Murawiec, cofounded and managed GeoPol Services S.A., a Geneva, Switzerland, consulting company that advised multinational corporations and banks, senior international policy analyst with the RAND Corporation until 2002 is a senior fellow with Hudson Institute in Washington D.C. The president of GeoPol was Pierre Hafner, whose primary business was as director of CBI Holding Geneva, the mother company of Union Bancaire Privée (UBP). This was a merger of two Geneva financial institutions, one of which, Trade Development Bank (TDB), was 'inherited' from Edmond Safra, whose banks come up in many Iran-Contra investigations.

"The chairman of CBI-TDB Union Bancaire Privée was Edgar De Piccioto, who was also on the board of George Soros' Quantum Fund. Piccioto is a longtime business partner of Italian businessmanfinancier Carlo De Benedetti, whose son, Rudolpho de Benedetti, is director of CBI Holding Milano, Italy. The older de Benedetti is a silent partner of the American fugitive from justice, Marc Rich.

"Finally, on GeoPol's board sits Elizabeth Kopp (nee Ikle, a cousin to Pentagon 'eminence grise' Fred Ikle), former Justice Minister of Switzerland. Kopp, with Alfred Hartmann of the Swiss branch of the London Rothschild banking house, was also implicated in the scandals of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) and (BNL). Both BCCI and BNL were involved in massive illicit arms trade, drug money-laundering, financing of terrorism, and intelligence operations."