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George A. Forrest "serves as Non-Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Katanga Mining Ltd. He is Chief Executive Officer, George Forrest International S.A. (private industrial company) since October, 1996. President, Administrator-Manager, Entreprise Générale Malta Forrest SPRL since October, 1997, Counsel President and Delegated Administrator, Cimenterie de Lukala SARL since April, 1992, Counsel President and Delegated Administrator Interlacs SARL since April, 1992, President Administrator- Manager, Agrifood SPRL, since August, 1991, President and Administrator- Manager New Baron Leveque International Afrique SPRL since November, 1989, Counsel President, Centre Medical de la Communate since November, 2001, Counsel President, Miniere de Musoshi et Kinsenda SARL, since March, 2003 to 2005, Counsel President Compagnie Miniere du Sud Katanga SPRL since June, 2003, President Kamoto Copper Company SARL since October, 2005, Director, Kamoto Operating Limited, since November, 2005." [1]

"George Forrest is President of the Forrest Group, a private industrial conglomerate founded by Mr. Forrest's father in 1922 in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Forrest Group is one of the country's largest enterprises with businesses spanning civil engineering, mining, manufacturing and construction and operations in Africa, Europe and the Middle East." [2]

His father was Malta Forrest.

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